99% Min Purity Food Grade Waterborne Ink Waterborne Acrylic Resin 909

99% Min Purity Food Grade Waterborne Ink Waterborne Acrylic Resin 909

Product specification *909 has excellent dispersion and high gloss. * 909 has excellent wettability and color developing ability ,and can be used for proposing pigment paste. * The drying speed of 909 is fast, and suitable for high-speed printing. * 909 has good compatibility with other water-borne resin and synthetic acrylic emulsion.

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Product Details

99% Min Purity Food Grade Waterborne Ink Waterborne Acrylic Resin 909

Reference usage

*water-based gloss oil:matte varnish /glossy varnish/Glossy varnish

*water-based ink:high-grade flexographic water-based ink/high-grade carton water-based ink/food-grade water-based ink/metal water-based ink/fluorescent water-based ink/ultrasonic water-based ink

*synthetic acrylic acid high-light emulsion/film emulsion protective colloid/grinding of water-based ink paste/ color matching of water-based ink

*paper sizing agent

Recommended formulation

Wearproof varnish

Non-film-forming (hard) emulsion (BAW-91R) : 35%
Middle-molecular solid resin solution(BAW-563) (30%): 25%
Film-forming (soft) emulsion (BAW-48R):  25%
Defoamer : 0.1~0.2%
Wax emulsion:   6~8%
Coalescing agent :   0.5~1%
Slip agent :  0.5~1%
Alcohol: appropriate 

Water :  margin

High gloss varnish

Non-film-forming (hard) emulsion (BAW-91R):  35%
Middle-molecular solid resin solution(BAW-563) (30%):  25%
Low molecular solid resin solution (BAW-564) (50%): 15%
Defoamer: 0.1~0.2%
Wax emulsion: 3~5%
Coalescing agent:  0.5~1%
Slip agent:  0.2~0.8%
Alcohol: appropriate 
Water:  margin

 Overprint varnish recommended formulation 2
( for high gloss and waterproof)

BAW-563 solution ( BAW-70R): 24%
BAW-90R : 33%
BAW-50R:   20%
BAW-48R : 13%
Flatting agent :  1%
Wax emulsion: 6%
water:   3%

Noted: If you want high gloss, you can use less water. The above formulation just our suggestion.

waterborne acrylic solid resin

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