99% Min Chemicals Waterborne Solid Acrylic Resin 903

99% Min Chemicals Waterborne Solid Acrylic Resin 903

*903 has excellent dispersion and high gloss. *903 has goog abrasion resistance. *The drying speed of 903 is fast, and suitable for high-speed printing. *903 has good compatibility with other water-borne resin and synthetic acrylic emulsion.

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Reference usage:

*water-based gloss oil:matte varnish /glossy varnish/Glossy varnish

*water-based ink:high-grade flexographic water-based ink/high-grade carton water-based ink/paper napkin water-based ink/specialty paper water-based ink/grinding of water-based ink paste/ color matching of water-based ink

*synthetic acrylic acid high-light emulsion/covered emulsion/waterproof emulsion/film emulsion protective colloid

*paper sizing agent

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