100% Solid Content Matt Low Odor UV Coating for Paper

100% Solid Content Matt Low Odor UV Coating for Paper

100% solid content Matt low odor uv coating for paper, it also is called uv matte varnish,100% solid content uv varnish or low odor photo uv varnish.

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Product Details

Product Description Of hydrophobic coating

Allplace Uv varnish to water resist paper  is adequate for flexography printing machine, independent

varnishing machine, offset printing press on line machine. It have good performance, like excellent

splashing water resistance, anti-penetrability, outstanding lotus leaf effect, strong adhesion, high

transparency, low temperature resistance, better gloss, anti-grease, wearing resistance, drying fast,

water proof and damp proof etc. 




12--18S(25°C,4# Zahn cup ) 

Wear resistance

≥100 times(4 lb weight ,face to face)

Solid contents



45-55(depending on paper and varnishing      machine.)

PH value


Storage environment

store in dry and ventilation cool place, avoid exposing high-heat and sunlight place. Storage temperature is 5-30 °C.

Shelf life

six month at normal storage situation

3.Instruction And Note Of hydrophobic coating


1.Stir must be fully before use, maintain internal composition uniformly. After opening, storage should be stamped seal, stop impurity from polluting varnish and effective solvent volatilization in varnish, prevent affecting varnish performance.

2. According to coating machine and climate, add appropriate thinner (water) or mix liquid of alcohol with water (2:1) dilute. In order to avid loss of gloss and keep wearing resistance, depend on season, roller coating varnishing can dilute about 10% thinner. During  using , when varnish viscosity is too high, appropriate thinner should be added to adjust right viscosity.
3.Varnishing amount should depend on paper quality, generally: 2-5g/m2 on varnishing machine, 3-6g/m2 on line machine.
4.Avoid high temperature and sun exposure
5.Shelf life:one year 


1.Varnishing amount should take paper thinkness  as principle. If dilution is excessive, it will affect gloss, wearing resistance property and degree of cover; On the contrary, dilution is insufficient, it will result in varnish coating too thick, poor leveling.

2.Drying method can adopt infrared, hot air, or heat pipe to heating and drying.
3.Because water based varnish is difficult to wash after drying, so it must keep roller in state of moving and varnish cycle. Before shutdown, roller must be washed, prevent dry.
4.This product is water based varnish. When laminating, please try to choose neutral or weak alkali (PH≤11) adhesives. Please strictly control amount of glue, prevent excessive glue penetrate paper from anti sticky.
5.Regularly wash varnishing equipment and store varnish tank. Prevent impurity and precipitate in tank dissolve in varnish from affecting varnish quality.

1.Company Description

Shandong Allplace Co.,LTD. establishedin 2002 year. It is high-tech enterprises which offer

printed paper surface treatment solution service .Our company integrateresearch &

development , manufacture , sale ,after-sales service together .We depend on rich experience

and mature technology ,deeply research and practice , offer satisfied product for client , focus

on excellent service and reasonable solution , so ourcompany capture market in packaging and

printing field quickly . By ten years development ,our company have become one of the best

printing materials suppliers . 

2. Certifications

GB901 High quality hydrophobic coating,uv varnish for paper,Paper Varnish

3. Our Markets

GB901 High quality hydrophobic coating,uv varnish for paper,Paper Varnish

Main Markets:

South Asia

Southern Europe
Northern Europe
Central America
Western Europe

Total Annual Sales Volume:

US$5 Million - US$10 Million

Export Percentage:

31% - 40%

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