Allplace Headlight Restoration Kits/Headlamp Repair Kits/Head Lens Blue Chemical

Allplace Headlight Restoration Kits/Headlamp Repair Kits/Head Lens Blue Chemical

One sets of kit includes: One bottle of repair coating: 800g/bottle or 600ml/bottle One atomizing cup Power adapter Masking tape Six pieces of sanding paper Funnel Mask Plastic cup cover

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Allplace Headlight Restoration Kits/Headlamp Repair Kits/Head Lens Blue Chemical

1 Drops to the headlamps of liquid causes and solutions:

A: The first reason is the headlamp repair fluid is a Highly volatile products, cold will flow out in liquid form. When the repair fluid is heated to steam, the steam will gather to the pipe wall, when the steam condensate into water, such as the outlet pipe vertically down steaming headlamps, the wall of the condensed water-like liquid Will flow out, this time we need to pay attention to is, do not let the gas pipe down vertical renovation, Give the trachea a reflux of liquid in radians, can make the wall condense into water-like liquid reflux! Or repair, with the eyes to observe the tracheostomy site, Once condensed water droplets appear, immediately straighten out the trachea, if accidentally trickle, please do not panic, first repair other parts, all completed, Quickly recover remaining spray solution, wait five minutes or so, in the drip site, with 320 # 500 # 800 # followed by grinding the drip site, after the grinding is completed, use a tissue wipe the headlamps face, Renovate and polish again!

Headlamp renovation process


1 Sticky paper tape 2 according to the process of grinding headlamps 3 Wipe clean waiting for repair 4 into the 80mL atomizing fluid connected to the power supply 5 about two minutes When the drip drip out of the headlamp can be repaired 6 after repair Disconnect immediately and recycle the remaining material. 7 Store the tool



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