China Manufacturer UV Handheld Lights 175W

China Manufacturer UV Handheld Lights 175W

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175W Handheld UV Lamp (simple version)


Prpduct Name175W Handheld UV Lamp (simple type)
Range of applicationSuitable for UV Shadow glue curing,Ultraviolet optical experiment.

Lamp carton:size:170*130*100mm weight:0.5kg

Electric box:size:180*100*100mm  weight:3.5kg

Lamp tube:size:120mm  (Light-emitting long:60mm)

Packaging:350*200*300   Total weight:8.5KG

Range of Application:

1.It can be used for different UV curing, model making, craft forming, scientific experiment, etc.

2.Suitable for UV glue(Crystal UV glue,electric UV glue,UV Shadowless glue,UV pouring sealant,Photosensitive glue, Photosensitive Resin,etc)fast curing,laboratory and temperature simple construction,maintenance can be used with conveyor belt.

3. Photocatalysis, photochemistry, photocatalyst test, paint aging test, university test and other scientific tests.

4.Suitable for UV Inks,UV printing Inks,UV varnish,UV glue,UV Resin and other UV dry and curing painting.


1. The staff must wear special anti-ultraviolet glasses, long sleeve clothes and rubber gloves. It is forbidden for ultraviolet light to directly illuminate the skin.

2. Require natural ventilation in the working environment.      

3. If working indoors, fans should be installed to ensure indoor air circulation.

4. Check whether the grounding wire is well grounded.

5. When the fan is abnormal, do not use it to avoid burning the lamp tube.

6. When removing and replacing the lamp tube, do not touch the tube with your hands to prevent moles on the lamp and affect the luminous efficiency. Clean gloves must be worn for installation.

7. Pay attention to the maintenance of the lamp tube, wipe it regularly (keep the surface of the lamp tube clean), rotate it 180 degrees regularly, so as to ensure the good service life of the lamp tube.




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