500W UV Lamp Machine 100V-240V Voltage UV Curing Light

500W UV Lamp Machine 100V-240V Voltage UV Curing Light

500W portable portable uv curing machine (portable)

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500W UV lamp machine 100V-240V voltage UV curing light


Product name500 watt portable portable uv curing machine
Range of applicationApplicable to UV shadowless glue, uv varnish, uv
 paint curing. Ultraviolet optical experiment.
Lamp length170mm (light length: 80mm)

How to use:

1. Turn on the power (plug in the power plug), open the main power switch on the back of the power box, the power indicator lights, and the machine is in standby mode.

2. Turn on the light switch for about 1 minute, observe the lamp current (after the current meter is stable from high to low), and start the lamp cooling switch to work.

3. The switch that turns off the light after the work stops is delayed for 5-10 minutes. After the lamp is cooled, the lamp can be restarted.

Remarks: Start the lamp immediately after turning off the light. It is normal for the surface temperature of the lamp to be off.

      The tube lamp is cooled to illuminate. (It is best to start indoors in places where the temperature is lower in winter.

       When the ambient temperature is below zero, the lamp is not easy to start).


1. The machine adopts the split structure, which is easy to operate and convenient to use (including the power box and the light box). It can be fixedly placed and solidified at multiple angles.

2. Working power supply AC220v(can be customized), low power consumption (can be used in the assembly line).

3. The length of the light box of the light box power box is about 2.8 meters, and the length of the input power cord is about 1.5 meters (with the national standard 10A plug, it can be customized).

4. This machine is equipped with a short-circuit automatic power-off switch for safe use.


High pressure mercury lamp spectrum

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