365NM Resin/glue/adhesive For Auto Glass Rock Chip Repair Windshield Repair Resin

365NM Resin/glue/adhesive For Auto Glass Rock Chip Repair Windshield Repair Resin

Product Description Product: 365NM Resin/glue/adhesive for Auto Glass Rock Chip Repai Detailed Images Usage of 365NM Resin/glue/adhesive for Auto Glass Rock Chip Repair Windshield repair, auto glass chip repair, car windshield repair, auto glass repair, car window repair, auto windshield repair,...

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windshield repair, car glass crack repair, windshield chip repair, windscreen repair, auto glass repair


1. Excellent adhesion performance with surface of various substrates such as all kinds of metal, lumber,
glass, polyurethane material, epoxy resin, PU adhesive and coating material, etc.
2. With better cohesive force and flexibility performance,making the sealing durable and elastic.
3. One-component, moisture curable,with fabulous thixotropy and rapid curing.
4. Excellent water, weather proof and aging resistance,excellent wear-resisting performance.
5. Paintable and polishable,convenient for construction.
6. No sag or flow phenomena within 30mm perpends.
7. High tear strength,primer required.

effect picture

windshield glue


Preparing the Surface:
As soon as damage occurs, cover area with Transparent Tape to keep moisture and dirt from entering the damaged The damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent small cracks from spreading.
 Do not make repairs in direct sunlight.
Ideal application temperature is 60°F to 90°F (15°C to 32°C). Allow the vehicle sufficient time to acclimate to this temperature if it has been in either a hot or cold environment.
Surfaces must be clean and dry to make a proper repair.
Do not allow the resin to come into contact with the car's painted finish, wiper blades, or plastic trim as this may cause damage. Not all damages can be repaired to restore full optical clarity.
IMPORTANT! To reduce the risk of chemical contact to skin and eyes, always wear safety glasses and gloves when handling this product

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