UV Adhesive Metal To Glass Bonding

UV Adhesive Metal To Glass Bonding
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Product Details

Polyurethane adhesive metal to glass bonding

Product Description

1.An universal type

2.Medium adhesive 

3.High strength

4.Clear ,15s cure

5.For glass and metal bonding.

UV adhesive application is involved in many industries such as automotive, appliances and electronic machinery, office equipment, medical equipment, building materials, furniture, train, optical instrument, glass, ceramic, hard wood, ERP, plastic (except polyethylene, polypropylene, ptfe)


This product is easy to operate, the process is simple, do not contain the solvent, saving energy, accord with environmental protection, curing speed, after curing bonding strength, high aging performance is excellent, price justice.


UV adhesives for black plastic bottle packaging , general  50g, 250g, 1000g of four specifications, also can according to customer requirements.

Polyurethane adhesive metal to glass bonding               


one component polyurethane adhesive used in various bonding and sealing




1Specially used for windshield and side glass

2. Also use for glass steel and plastic accessories (car roof, side body and car front)

3. Very popular in repair market


Data Table


Model Number

PU 8635

Main Raw Material



Black paste





Volatile content




Touch dry time


Curing speed


Shore A-hardness


Tensile strength


Elongation at break


Application temperature



















Polyurethane Series


PP Paper Glue.jpg


Feature of our product


1.No black water flow after gluing with using of low-purity shampoo water

2.Low even no smell, environmental and healthy. No bubbles when application in high temperature

3.Bond very well with surface of variety substrates such as all kinds of metal, lumber, glass, polyurethane,

epoxy,    resign, PU and coating material, etc. Also with good cohesive force and durable elastic bonding

and sealing performance

4.One component adhesive with fabulous thixotropy, it's convenient to apply with rapid curing

5.Excellent water, weather and aging resistance

6.Excellent wear-resisting property

7.Paintable and polishable

8.No sag or flow phenomena within 30mm perpends


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