China Chemical Plant Cheap Price UV Resin Glass To Metal UV Glue

China Chemical Plant Cheap Price UV Resin Glass To Metal UV Glue

Shandong Allplace Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd is an international trade company, which was established in 1999based on the R&D, Production and Sales of UV curing system.

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Product Details

Product Description:

This product is mainly used for glass to metal bonding. One-component uv/visible light curing modified acrylate adhesive structure, low odor, quick-drying, high bonding strength and toughness , ability strong wallop, yellowing resistance ageing resistance, water resistance and cold resistance is excellent, low volume shrinkage ratio, etc.

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Application to the adhesive on the surface of flat glass and metal , the typical application in the glass furniture, glass dining table, glass coffee table, glass crafts, crystal craft, lighting, electronic said, handicrafts and other industries.

Curing Repuirment:

Recommend to adopt UV lamp with Wave Length 365nm,Power 40W;Distance between Lamp and surface is within 15cm; Exposure time is 60S.


How To Use

 1.To smear the UV glue on the material, then put another workpiece on it and compressing harder in order to expelling all air bubbles.

2.To irradiate one side of the material with UV lamp, making the shadowless glue solidified completely.

3.If it is used for the bridge style fixation, only need to smear the UV shadowless glue on the surface of workpiece , and curing by the UV light.  OUR GUARANTEE & SERVICE: We will explain to you in detail about how to use the glue ,making you can operate easily.

Advantage of UV glue

1) Environment / safety  No pollution in air and environment because of no VOC volatile;  Adhesive composition confirms to environmental regulations;  Solvent-free, nonflammable  

 2) Economy  Fast curing, curing in a few seconds to tens of seconds, suitable for automated  production, improve productivity  Space-saving, as uv glue can be carried out after the curing.

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