Photo UV Glue UV Lamp Curing Anti Yellowing Clear Liquid

Photo UV Glue UV Lamp Curing Anti Yellowing Clear Liquid

The UV glue is also called UV adhesive.It is cured, solidified or hardened only when it is exposed to one source of ultraviolet radiation with an defined intensity and wavelength. It is widely used in photograph paper and glass bonding,such as for photo album,artwork of glass and photos.

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Photo UV Glue UV Lamp Curing Anti Yellowing Clear Liquid

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Product Description


UV shadowless glue




 Aquiform, sealed preservation


Photographic studio production, crystal album cover, crystalframe, etc.


Without using UV lamp, the glue can also be cured under sunlight, 

(the glue absorb the ultraviolet in the sunlight and produces chemical reaction, thus can be cured)

Detailed Information

Product composition: UV resin, acrylic ester, photoinitiator, accelerant, etc.

Storage: 10℃-27℃, store it in a cool and dry place.

expiration date: 1 year.

Shipping: The product is non-toxic, solvent-free, can be shipped as non-dangerous goods.
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Crystal photo frame production making methods (for reference only):

1. Drop the UV shadowless glue evenly on the photo, then put the glass on it.

2. use resin scraper to remove the bubble

3. irradiated by the UV curing lamp, curing time is about 5 minutes

4. affix the photo back with a sticky note or adhesive flannelette, put the tray holder, finished.


UV shadowless glue.

1. Make sure the glass is clean then stick.

2. In rainy day or winter season, there is moisture on the glass surface. We can use a hair dryer to dry the moisture then use shadowless glue, so that to ensure product’s stability.

3. It is irritant to people’s eyes and skin. If it splash on skin or in our eyes, should wash immediately with plenty of water. If still not feel well, should go to hospital to check.

4. Curing requirement:We recommend our customer to use ultraviolet lamp which owns 340nm-370nm wavelength, 40W+ power, irradiate till cured within 15cm distance.

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