65cps UV Shadowless Liquid Adhesive Glue For Glass Photo Album

65cps UV Shadowless Liquid Adhesive Glue For Glass Photo Album

UV Shadowless Glue

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 This product is high strength, fast curing, colorless and transparent after curing. UV glue application is very broad, involving many industries, such as automobiles, household appliances, electronic machinery, office equipment, medical equipment, building materials, furniture, trains, optical instruments, glass, ceramics, hardwood,plastic (except polyethylene, polypropylene, polytetrafluoroethylene) can be bonded.

uv glue

uv glue for glass photo album

Usage of 65cps UV Shadowless Liquid Adhesive Glue for Glass Photo Album

1. Drop the UV shadowless glue evenly on the photo, then put the glass on it.

2. use resin scraper to remove the bubble

3. irradiated by the UV curing lamp, curing time is about 5 minutes

4. affix the photo back with a sticky note or adhesive flannelette, put the tray holder, finished.

uv glue

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