UV Curing Glue

UV Curing Glue

uv curing glue LED-Curable Plastic Bonder Clear is a one component, UV/Visible light curing, acrylated urethane that is used for strong bonding of plastics. It can be used for the assembly of appliances, displays, and plastic housings. It offers tack free, rapid cures and helps lower costs.

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uv curing glue

UV curing technology, is considered an environmentally friendly green technology, mainly used in coatings, inks, adhesives and other fields. UV glue is widely used in glass products and jewelry industry, glass furniture, medical equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, optoelectronics, optical instruments, manufacturing and other fields, such as electronic circuit boards, electronic components, digital cameras, electronic manufacturing, And other products manufacturing. The following are the same as the “

UV-curing materials in the photosensitizer in the ultraviolet radiation after the absorption of ultraviolet light to produce active radicals or cations, triggering monomer polymerization, crosslinking and branching chemical reaction, the adhesive in a few seconds from the liquid into a solid.


  • fast curing, the reaction can be controlled: UV glue in the ultraviolet irradiation 1-5 seconds early solid, 20-30 seconds to complete the bonding, after irradiation to achieve higher strength, to meet the needs of automated production line rhythm; Second-generation acrylic structural adhesive 1-10 minutes early solid, 24 hours to achieve the highest strength; room temperature curing epoxy adhesive 10-120 minutes early solid, 7 days to achieve the highest strength.

  • no solvent, no pollution;

  • suitable for automated operations;

  • a wide range of adhesive materials, high bonding strength, structural bonding, a wide range of applications;

  •  excellent optical properties, glue colorless and transparent, curing light up to 90%



  UV light radiation physical properties similar to the visible light, have a linear, but its penetration is far less than visible light, so UV curing is mainly used in light can directly hit the epidermis or light transmission better inner curing.

For the impact of temperature is more sensitive or poor temperature resistance of light-cured workpiece, the traditional UV lamp UV radiation generated by the IR radiation, it is a major hazard or even fatal. Generally use water cooling, reflection, frequency filtering and other methods to be addressed. The use of LED light source curing can solve this problem, because the LED light source is cold light source without heat radiation. UVLED light source curing greatly improve efficiency.

Benefits of Kingzom UV Light Curable Adhesives

High Strength Bonds
Cure Only When Exposed to Light – permits alignment of parts prior to bonding.
Select a Cure Speed – double production speed by simply adding another lamp to the line.
Solvent-free – Non-flammable – increase safety
Single Part Product – No mixing required
100% solids – No waste.
Save energy – UV lamps require less electricity than heat cure ovens for epoxies
Space savings – UV lamps require less space than heat cure oven tunnels
Appearance – UV adhesives are available in clear colorless formulations
Technical Support – application specialists available for assistance with joint design, adhesive selection and production process.

Appearancecolorless transparent liquid
Effective content%100
Viscosity  25degree/cps20
Density 25degree 0.98-0.99
refractive index 25degree 1.42-1.45
function leveling agent flatting agent chemicals 

Caution of Transparent UV Curing Glue /UV Adhesive On Photo Album

As it contains acrylic and resin. may cause skin and eye irritation. when puncture spout with neddle. please wear pretective gloves.If it spills into eyes, wash with soap and water immediately for 15 minutes and get prompt medical care if any harmful or fatal feeling. keep it out of children reachness.uv curing glue.jpg

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