UV Cure Clear UV Glue for Glass to Glass

UV Cure Clear UV Glue for Glass to Glass

The UV glue is defined as adhesive/glue able to be cured,solidified or hardened only when it is exposed to one source of ultraviolet radiation with an intensity and wavelength well defined previously. It is clear and transparent liquid,shadow less,fast curable and high adhesive in glass to glass bonding.

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UV Cure Clear UV Glue for Glass to Glass


1. Advantages Of Property
uv glue is a single component, low viscosity, high strength, through solar or UV irradiation UV. It has good toughness, impact resistance and good dielectric resistance. It is suitable for large area self adhesion and adhesion of glass. 

2. Application
It is suitable for bonding glass, crystal, metal, arts and crafts, watches and clocks and etc.

3. Technical Parameters

Item Color Viscosity
Initial Curing Time Curing Heat Resistance
Tensile Shear Strength
(Mpa, glass &metal)
Shore Hardness Shelf Life
W3311 Transparent 200-500 1.02 25 S UV365nm>2000mj/cm2 -50 to +120 13 70-80D 24 months
W3322 Transparent 1000-2000 1.01 25 S UV365nm>2000mj/cm2 -50 to +120 16 60-75D 24 months

4. Application Method
(1). Clean all the Surfaces to be bonded, keep it clean, dry and without oil.
(2). Coating the glue to bounding,then keeping the object and then using UV-light(sunlightor UV lamp) to irradiating the surface of object. Usually, it will be curing 1-3minutes by using 40W UV-light .If change to 400W, the curing time will be reduce to 10-20 seconds.
(3). Don't move or using the object before it reaching Full Curing Time(24hours)

5. Precautions
(1). To keep work site well ventilated and avoid any contact with children.
(2). In case of any contact with skin and eyes during operation, immediately clean them with water or treat them according to doctor's advice.
(3). To store them in dry, cool and well ventilated place far away from high temperature.
(4). To carry out preliminary test in case of batch use to avoid bonding quality due to improper operation.

6. Packaging
(1). 10g/Tube; 15Tubes/Small Boxes; 300Tubes/Carton
(2). 50g/Tube; 10Tubes/Small Boxes; 60Tubes/Carton
(3). 250g/Tube; 7Tubes/Small Boxes; 35Tubes/Carton
Carton Size : 
47x32x21.5 (cm)
38.5x33.5x17.5 (cm)
50x34x19.5 (cm)

7. Kind Reminder
The information contained herein is offered in good faith and is believed to be accurate. However, because conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond our control, customer need to take a test before batch use. DEYI specifically disclaims any other express or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merch-antability. 
If customer encounter any problem during using, pls contact with us, we will try our best to solve the problems for you.

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