Glass UV Glue Adjustable Viscosity UV Adhesives

Glass UV Glue Adjustable Viscosity UV Adhesives

UV adhesive application is involved in many industries such as automotive, appliances and electronic machinery, office equipment, medical equipment, building materials, furniture, train, optical instrument, glass, ceramic, hard wood, ERP, plastic (except polyethylene, polypropylene, ptfe). This product is easy to operate, the process is simple, do not contain the solvent, saving energy, accord with environmental protection, curing speed, after curing bonding strength, high aging performance is excellent, price justice.

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Product Details

Glass UV glue adjustable viscosity UV adhesives 


1.Product description:

UV glue (201 F-9)is a single component, medium- low viscosity adhesive that

cures to give a clear, flexible bond when exposed to UV-light

2.Key Features:

It is suited to applications requiring a tough cured polymer and rapid bonding

medium-high strength bonding glasses

3.Curing Mechanism:

Formulated to cure when exposed to UV radiation of 365nm. To obtain a dry to

touch finish, the adhesive should be cured in the absence of oxygen


Product name
CategoryAdhesives& Sealants
CertificateMSDS certificate
AppearanceColorless Transparent Liquid
Shelf life6 Months
Brand nameALLPLACE
Chemical typeModified Acrylate
Curing conditionUV light condition
Fixing time10s


50g/bottle                                                     250g/bottle                            


1kg/bottle                                                      4kg/durm


Other packages like 20kg/barrel, 2kg or others package can be customized.

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