UV Glue for Acrylic Curing UV Light Ultraviolet Lamp To Bake Loca Glue Factory

UV Glue for Acrylic Curing UV Light Ultraviolet Lamp To Bake Loca Glue Factory

P ARAMETERS : USAGE : Application to the adhesive on the surface of flat glass and metal , the typical application in the glass furniture, glass dining table, glass coffee table, glass crafts, crystal craft, lighting, electronic said, handicrafts and other industries . F EATURES : Good...

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Product Details

1,Quick details:

uv glue is a single component, UV curing, acrylic adhesive. It has good adhesion, toughness, strong earthquake resistance, good weatherability and glue with thixotropy. Some are of great help to the construction and design of the product. The bonding metal and glass.

It has strong adhesion, high flexibility and high stability, Use for variety of metal (stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy, coating, special glass, crystal) have high adhesion; after curing long white, no bubble, no shedding; aging resistance performance.

3,Using process

Clean the surface of the material. Pour glue evenly on the surface of a material point. With a wavelength of 365 nm ultraviolet irradiation, until fully cured adhesive

4,technical function:


Light yellow transparent liquid



density  (g/ml)


surface drying time(s)


Curing energy(mj/cm²)







Our Company

Shandong Allplace Co.,Ltd is locate in Jinan city where is history and cultural.in order to deal with the business trading to domestic and foreigh customer.Three Island company concentrate to research and development of adhesive and sealant project, have supply many sucessful scheme to famous enterprice all over the world. Our company specialized in manufacturing Conductive epoxy, Conductive grease, organic silicone glue, epoxy sealant, AB adhesive, UV gel, Thread locker, instant adhesive. The products above is widely use in producing Led lamp, semi conductor, electron, power-supply module, car, metal, construction, machine etc.

Three island company own the professonal devices: 

1:huge raw material synthetising device

2:High speed mixing equipment, it make the raw marterail mix completely and uniformity 

3:Super large kneading device, it can let chemical and physical reaction more thorough.

Depand on that, we guarantee to provide the best quality and competitive price to every buyer, 

Corporate headquarters have two manufacture department, lab, and testing centre,they equipped with a sound detection equipment device.Such as:Gas chromatograph, particle size analyzer, Abbe refractometer, mechanical testing instrument, computer thermal conductivity meter, voltage tester,infrared spectrometer, electron microscope, X fluorescence spectrometer (RoHS detector), high and low temperature thermal shock test box, aging oven etc.


Packing & Delivery


Spec 260ml 280ml 310ml 200L (Drums packing) Package 24pcs/ctn 24pcs/ctn 24pcs/ctn Silver Paper Bag packing 
20GP Container Load 2200 ctns 2050 ctns 2050 ctns 72 drums High temperature silicone seal waterproof transparent silicone sealant
Delivery Time
15 days upon the receipt of the down payment


Good toughness, high strength, stable performance is good




1.cold light lamp :4-16 mw/cm2  

2.Handheld light source:more than 30 mw/cm2  (commonly 3 seconds fixed first , then curing 30 seconds can be glued)




1.Flat viscose:Low intensity of UV light source (4-16 mw/cm2) irradiation time more than 90 seconds

2.Point of viscosemiddle or high intensity of UV light source (30 mw/cm2) irradiation time more than 30 seconds

3.The UV light source and the distance of the workpiece will affect the solidified depth and strength of UV shadowless glue .

4.Used for bridge style fixation,the irradiation time should be extended according to the thickness of the glue.




1.To smear the UV shadowless glue on the material, then put another workpiece on it and compressing harder in order to expelling all air bubbles.

2.To irradiate one side of the material with UV lamp, making the shadowless glue solidified completely.

3.If it is used for the bridge style fixation, only need to smear the UV shadowless glue on the surface of workpiece , and curing by the UV light.





We will explain to you in detail about how to use the glue ,making you can operate easily.


Our factory:




Should you are interested in our uv glue for acrylic curing uv light ultraviolet lamp to bake loca glue factory, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers. We will offer you the most competitive price, good after-sale service and fast delivery.
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