Non-yellowing Moderate Viscosity Colorless Liquid UV Glue for Acrylic

Non-yellowing Moderate Viscosity Colorless Liquid UV Glue for Acrylic

Allplace UV glue is colorless liquid, cured by UV lamp, with moderate viscosity, fast curing speed, shadow less and non-yellowing after solidified. We have special ly designed UV glue for acrylic.

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Product Details

UV Glue for Acrylic One part low viscosity and high strength UV glue UV cure adhesive for bonding acrylic

Product Description


UV Glue for Acrylic is developed for use in bonding a variety of plastic such as ABS, PC, PS, PVC and acrylic. Bond strength on some plastics even exceeds the strength of those substrates. U-FY946-5 is a one-part, low viscosity and UV curable adhesive designed for applications where widely used in the substrate with larger gap, bonding, encapsulating, coating, sealing and a dry to the tough
surface are desired.

1. U-FY946-5 is formulated to be semi-rigid, maintaining fragile component integrity during thermal cycling.
2. U-FY946-5 has excellent mechanical properties foradhesion.
3. U-FY946-5 is widely used on adhesion between different plastics.

Physical properties

Appearance Light yellow liquid
Viscosity 25oC, cps 5~15
Solvent content % 0

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Cure schedule

1. They are solvent free materials that cure in seconds when exposed to the 365nm UV light with the accumulated energy of 

2. Recommended curing time sec 10~15

Mechanical properties

Durometer Hardness, Shore D 64
Water absorption, 7days, % 3.0
Boiling water test 100oC/24hr Pass
Temperature Range -40~100oC

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