Allplace Eco-friendly Glue For Tape Composite Acrylic Adhesive

Allplace Eco-friendly Glue For Tape Composite Acrylic Adhesive

This product is mainly used for acrylic products. One-component uv/visible light curing modified acrylate adhesive structure, low odor, quick-drying, high bonding strength and toughness , ability strong wallop, yellowing resistance ageing resistance, water resistance and cold resistance is excellent, low volume shrinkage ratio, etc.

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Product Details

Speciafication of Uv Bond Glue Glass to Glass: 


 1.  Have good applicability for PVC.
 2.  Good lamination with glass.
 3.  Have good balances between initial adhesion, cohesive

      force and stripping force.
 4.  Storage stable, easy to use.
 5.  High transparency after film form.
 6.  Excellent anti-aging and yellowing.
 7.  Excellent moisture resistance, weather resistance and

      high temperature resistance.
 8.  With SGS report support.


acrylic UV glue


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