UV Paint Ink Printing CAS 5495-84-1 Photoinitiator ITX

UV Paint Ink Printing CAS 5495-84-1 Photoinitiator ITX

Photoinitiator ITX CAS 5495-84-1 20 kgs/carton box Email:allplace009@allplace.cn

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UV Paint Ink printing CAS 5495-84-1 Photoinitiator ITX

Appearance: Pale yellow powder

Assay: 99% min

Loss on drying: 0.5 % w/w max

Melting point range :56 - 72°C

Gardner colour: 9 max

Ε¦ at λ 383 nm:236 (Solvent: methanol)

Ε¦ at λ 289 nm:166 (Solvent: methanol)

Ε¦ at λ 259 nm :1789 (Solvent: methanol)

Ε¦ at λ 220 nm :594 (Solvent: methanol)




Photoinitiator ITX is a highly efficient photoinitiator which, when used in conjunction with tertiary amine synergists, induces the rapid photo-polymerisation of suitable resin formulations. Suggested levels of use are 0.25 – 3% w/w
photoinitiator ITX together with 2 – 5% w/w amine synergist such as photoinitiator EDB or DMB (quantities vary depending on individual formulations and applications).


Also can be used with Photoinitiator 307 or Irgacure 907.


Has good solubility in most common organic solvents and UV curable monomers.
UV absorption spectrum shows two major absorption bands.
Allows possibility of producing a single liquid additive comprising both initiator and synergist.
Can act as an efficient long wave sensitiser for Type I and Type II photoinitiators.
Absorption at 258 nm promotes surface cure of films.
Absorption at 383 nm promotes excellent depth cure in pigmented and thick films

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