Powder Irgacure 184/Photoinitiator Tpo/184/TPOL/Initiator ITX

Powder Irgacure 184/Photoinitiator Tpo/184/TPOL/Initiator ITX

Powder Irgacure 184/Photoinitiator Tpo/184/TPOL/Initiator ITX

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          In Stock - Powder Irgacure 184/Photoinitiator Tpo/184/TPOL/Initiator ITX



Description of Powder Irgacure 184/Photoinitiator Tpo/184/TPOL/Initiator ITX


ProductPhotoinitiator 184
Chemical name1-hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone
Molecular formulaC13H16O2
CAS No.947-19-3
Structure formula
Quality indicatorsAppearancewhite powderContent≥99%Melting point47-50Volatile≤0.2%Ash≤0.1%Transmittance425nm: ≥99%500nm: ≥99%

184 has a high light triggered activity, good thermal stability and does not produce the yellowing is the most commonly used Photoinitiator maximum absorption wavelength of 333nm, mainly used to trigger the system of acrylate and methyl acrylatefast curing.

Storage and packing

This product should be sealed and stored in a closed, dry, dark place and avoid sunlight. 25 kg cardboard or cardboard boxes can also be packaged according to customer requirements.








587 (9)


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