Photoinitiator TPO Speedcure TPO With CAS No.75980-60-8

Photoinitiator TPO Speedcure TPO With CAS No.75980-60-8

CAS NO. : 75980-60-8 Molecular formula : C22H21PO2 Appearance : light yellow crystal powder Purity(C) : ≥99.0% Melting point : 91.0-94.0℃ Acid value(mgKOH/g) : ≥4 Volatile matter : ≤0.2% Ash content : ≤0.10%

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Photoinitiator TPO Speedcure TPO with CAS No.75980-60-8

1. Mainly used for screen printing ink, lithographic printing ink, flexo printing ink, wood coating.
2, mostly used in white systems, TPO can be fully cured on the surface of white or high titanium dioxide pigments.
3, because the coating is not yellow, the post-polymerization effect is low, no residue, can also be used for transparent coating, especially suitable for products with low odor requirements.
Colored systems, usually in combination with amines or acrylamides, and other photoinitiators, to achieve complete cure of the system are particularly suitable for the curing of low yellowing, white systems and thick layers. (The photoinitiator TPO is used in combination with MOB 240 or CBP 393 to improve curing efficiency.)

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