Irgacure TPOL Photoinitiator TPOL

Irgacure TPOL Photoinitiator TPOL

Uv Photoinitiator TPO-Lis a photoinitiator for UV curable coatings, UV inks, uv paints etc

Product Details

     Light initiator (photoinitiator), also known as photosensitizer (photosensitizer) or light curing agent (photocuring agent), is a kind of chemical compounds which can absorb certain wavelengths of energy, produce free radical and cationic in the uv region (250 ~ 420 nm) or visible light area (400 ~ 800 nm) to initiation of monomer polymerization crosslinking curing.



Chinese name 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoylphosphonic acid ethyl ester
English name 2,4,6-Trimethylbenzoyldi-Phenylphosphinate
Molecular formula C18H21O3P
Molecular weight 268
CAS number 84434-11-7
Appearance yellow liquid
Content >95.0%
Absorption wavelength 299, 366nm

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