Allplace Factory Supply Photoiniaitor TPO Cas No.:75980-60-8

Allplace Factory Supply Photoiniaitor TPO Cas No.:75980-60-8

Advantages: 1. Photocuring speed is fast 2. Have light-decolourizatio 3. Can be used for thick coating curing 4. Belongs to low-volatilitymild-smell and environment friendly product 5. Anti-yellowing

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Product Details

Chemical formula:C22H21O2P

Molecular weight:348.37

CAS NO.:75980-60-8

Another name):Diphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide

T (10)


Applications of Allplace Photoinitiator TPO powder 98% CAS 75980-60-8 TPOL/EMK

1. Tpo is mostly used in white systems, can be used for UV curing coatings, printing inks, UV curing adhesives, optical fiber coatings, photoresists.

2. It can completely cure on white or high titanium pigment pigmented surface. The coating does not yellow, no residue.

3. It is recommended to add 0.5-5.0% (colored system).




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