Allplace Factory Photoinitiator 907 Cas No 71868-10-5

Allplace Factory Photoinitiator 907 Cas No 71868-10-5

Light initiator (photoinitiator), also known as photosensitizer (photosensitizer) or light curing agent (photocuring agent), is a kind of chemical compounds which can absorb certain wavelengths of energy, produce free radical and cationic in the uv region (250 ~ 420 nm) or visible light area (400 ~ 800 nm) to initiation of monomer polymerization crosslinking curing.

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Advantages of 99% High Purity in Stock CAS:71868-10-5 Photoinitiator 907;

1. Photocuring speed is fast

2. Have light-decolourizatio

3. Can be used for thick coating curing  

4. Belongs to low-volatilitymild-smell and environment friendly product

5. Anti-yellowing 







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