2,4-diethylthioxanthone Photoinitiator DETX for uv coatings

2,4-diethylthioxanthone Photoinitiator DETX for uv coatings

DETX is mainly used for uv curing containing unsaturated double - bond light polymerization resin high - efficiency photoinitiator, at the same time it on the coating, ink and other products curing also plays a role.

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Name2,4-diethylthioxanthone photoinitiator DETX
CAS NO.82799-44-8
Molecular FormularC17H16OS
Molecular Weight268.0
AppearancePale yellow solid
Meliting point71-74

Package: 20kgs one carton



Delivery:about 5-7days after payment confirmed.

and we have cooperated with Fedex, DHL,  can offer you the best freight.


Storage temperature:15-25℃

 High temperature, direct sunshine and fire must be avoided when transported




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