What Is UV Glue?

- Nov 25, 2017-

UV is also called the shadowless glue glue, photosensitive glue, uv-curing adhesive, shadowless glue is must through UV light exposure to curing type of adhesive, it can be used as a bonding agent used, also can be used as rubber paint, coating, ink, etc. UV Rays are abbreviations of Ultraviolet Rays, or Ultraviolet Rays. UV (UV) is invisible to the naked eye, and is an electromagnetic radiation outside of visible light, ranging in wavelength from 10 to 400 nm. Shadowless glue solidified principle is light initiator of UV curing materials (or photosensitizer) under the irradiation of ultraviolet absorption after UV reactive free radicals or cation, monomer polymerization by, crosslinking and the chemical reaction, make the glue in a few seconds from liquid into solid.

1. Prepolymer: 30~50% acrylate monomer: 40~60% photoinitiator: 1~6%

2. Auxiliary agent: 0.2%-1% (additive is not added, it can be used as adhesive, as well as paint, paint, ink etc.

3. Prepolymer: epoxy acrylate, polyurethane acrylate, polyether acrylate, polyester acrylate, acrylic resin, etc

4. Monomers include: single functional (IBOA, IBOMA, HEMA, etc.), two official energy (TPGDA, HDDA,DEGDA, NPGDA, etc.), and the three functional and multi-functional (TMPTA, PETA, etc.)

5. Initiators: 1173,184,907, diphenylketone, etc

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