UV Glue What Are The Properties Of

- Feb 28, 2017-

UV glue and UV light. Ultraviolet (UV) are invisible to the naked eye, visible purple light, electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength in the range of 10~400nm. UV rubber, or no shadow rubber, purple outside light curing rubber; curing Hou on light no block, light sex very strong; for stick received glass, transparent material; several seconds fast curing. phone press transparent UV glue, UV glass no shadow rubber, transparent plastic UV rubber, watches with UV no shadow rubber, glass furniture with UV glue, Crystal image dedicated UV no shadow rubber, Crystal crafts with UV no shadow glue, LED with UV no shadow rubber laminated glass panel dedicated UV no shadow rubber, surface coated loaded with UV no shadow glue, Optical lenses with UV glue. typical applications: sealing and bonding of optical instruments LCD sealing, glass and metal, glass and plastic, as well as the bond between the glass.

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