UV Glue Basic Knowledge Principle.

- Jan 10, 2018-

1.Uv glue (no shadow glue) balance theory.

The balance theory is the consideration of surface tension. The surface tension of the glue must be reduced to the effective wetting substrate surface, which is a good basic requirement.

2. molecular theory

The molecular theory is to choose the appropriate functional base, so that there is a strong force between the molecules and the substrate molecules, and the energy between the larger molecules is obtained, which is the second basic requirement.

3. Speed theory.

From (rheology) then speed theory point of view, even if to wet the surface tension of the rubber base material, adhesive molecules between the substrate and has a strong force, but the glue on the surface expansion and penetration speed too slow, still can't play the biggest strength. Therefore, suitable viscosity is the basic requirement of good follow-up.

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