Uv-3e Principles (typical Application Of Energy Conservation And Emission Reduction)

- Nov 03, 2017-


The establishment and development of any high and new technology now seems to follow the "3E principle", so the "3E principle" is the foundation and the driving force for the survival and development of radiation curing. The so-called "3E" means Energy, Ecology and Economy.

(1) energy radiation curing hungry frontal energy consumption just active chemical formula under the radiation-induced polymerization crosslinking reaction, needn't to heat of base material, so the UV curing of the energy of a conventional solvent-based coatings and printing ink curing, 1/5 of EB curing less energy consumption, is only 1/100 of the conventional curing.

(2) the active chemical formulations used in the curing of ecological radiation do not contain (or contain less) volatile solvents, which are zero-emission (or low-emission) technologies, which are conducive to environmental protection. In addition, the basic energy used for radiation curing is power supply, no fuel gas, no carbon dioxide produced. Therefore, radiation curing is often referred to as "green technology".

(3) the economic radiation curing device is compact, the processing speed is fast, the site space is small, the production efficiency is high. Therefore, the process itself can improve the performance of the product and reduce the consumption of raw materials, which raises the competitiveness of the technology itself from the economic cost.

In addition, radiation curing has its own characteristics compared with traditional curing techniques, such as curing at room temperature, which is beneficial to the processing of heat sensitive materials. The curing formula can be adjusted according to demand, which is conducive to improving the adaptability of the process and ensuring product performance (such as hardness, flexibility, gloss, weather resistance, etc.); The radiation curing is easy to realize the water operation, the degree of automation is high.

Radiation curing unique technical advantages not only meet the requirements of "3 e principle", and in the process of industrialization continue to maintain the market competitiveness of traditional curing, the radiation curing at a momentum of rapid growth since the 1960 s: the current emergency in developed countries, such as the United States, Japan and European countries) growth rate of about 10% a year, faster growth rate of developing countries, China's average annual growth rate of 25%.

It is estimated that the current global UV/EB curing chemical raw materials and formulations of market share only for industrial coatings, printing ink, coating and adhesive) 3% of total sales, so the development of radiation curing.

In radiation curing, the dominant position is uv curing (about 90%), electron beam solidification due to the high one-time investment of the accelerator device, the proportion still remains small (about 10%).

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