The UV Glue Advantages

- Jan 05, 2018-


  1. No VOC volatiles, no pollution to ambient air;

  2. The composition of adhesives is limited or forbidden in environmental regulations;

  3. No solvent, low flammability


  • The curing speed can be cured in seconds to tens of seconds, which can help automatic production line and improve labor productivity

  • After curing, it can be tested and moved, saving space

  • At room temperature, energy saving, for example, the required energy for producing 1g of photocuring pressure sensitive adhesive requires only 1% of the corresponding water-based adhesive and 4% of the solvent adhesive. It can be used for materials that are not suitable for high temperature curing. The energy consumed by uv curing can save 90% energy compared to the heat cured resin

  • The curing equipment is simple, only need lamp or conveyor belt, save space

  • A single unit system, no mixing, easy to use


  1. For temperature, solvent and moisture sensitive materials can be used

  2. The curing time can be adjusted and the curing degree can be adjusted

  3. The adhesive can be repeatedly cured repeatedly

  4. The uv light can be easily installed on the existing production line without the need for larger changes

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