The Principle Of Operation Of UV Glue

- Jul 24, 2017-


UV glue must be through the ultraviolet radiation to the glue under the premise of curing, that is, UV glue in the photosensitizer and exposure to ultraviolet light will be associated with the monomer, theoretically no UV light source under the shadowless glue almost never curing The

The source of ultraviolet light has two kinds of natural daylight and artificial light source. The stronger the UV curing faster curing time in general 10-60 seconds. For natural daylight, the sunny weather in the sun will be more solid UV curing faster. However, there is no strong sunlight can only use artificial ultraviolet light source. Artificial UV light source of many types of power differences are also very large, small power can be as small as a few watts, high power can reach tens of thousands of watts.

For UV glue must be light to cure, so the adhesive for the adhesive can only be bonded to the transparent two objects or one of them must be transparent, so that ultraviolet light can be transmitted through the glue Liquid above.

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