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The Japanese Invention Of Super Gel Is Stronger Than Steel.

        Japanese researchers have developed a super gel, not only the elastic is 100 times that of the ordinary jello, also 5 times than carbon steel firm, for artificial organs or prosthesis manufacturing has a revolutionary application prospect.

Researchers at Hokkaido university in Japan spent three years using hydrogels and fiberglass as raw materials to make this flexible gel. Hydrogels are one of the raw materials that make contact lenses, and they are better than those of glass fiber. This gelatinous gel is about 100 times stronger than hydrogels and 25 times as strong as fiberglass.

It was the "strongest soft material" available to humans so far, CNN reported, citing the researchers. On CNN's video, the gel hangs on a crane hook, and an adult man grabs the gel with both hands and can't pull it off without dragging it down.

The researchers say that the flowers that bloom in cracks in the cement floor are inspired by the seemingly weak plants. They want to use this super gel to produce biological materials, artificial organs or prosthetic limbs, such as artificial cartilage or artificial ligaments. The material can also be used to produce sports clothes, helmets or bulletproof vests.