Technology For Reducing The Temperature Of Uv Curing Equipment (uv - Curing Technology

- Nov 27, 2017-

Uv light curing equipment at work, after the heat accumulation of uv lamp at room temperature will be very high, cause some membrane materials and manufacture precision, for some is particularly suitable for heat-sensitive materials, the emergence of cold uv technology, avoiding the heat shrink film material manufacture precision caused by problems. In general, in the case of a reflective cover (uv lamp shade) made of magnesium aluminum alloy, the uv light can be reflected to the maximum extent (over 95%) and absorb some infrared (heat). Plus install uv cold mirror, can reduce indoor 80% heat, ensure the surface temperature of material is not more than 45 degrees.

In other words, when the cold mirror is not installed, the water cooling system can control the temperature at about 30 degrees, and if it is equipped with a cold mirror, the temperature can be controlled at 25 degrees and below. Air cooling system can generally be to control the temperature between 50-70 degrees, because the air cooling system easy to operate, simple is routine in uv light curing equipment choice, only in the case of special needs, will consider to use water cooling system. Such as thin film material, such as PVC such thin plastic material, such product temperature tolerance cannot exceed 30 degrees, recommend using water cooling system commonly.

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Water-cooling system mainly is put inside the box was heat coming from the uv lamp burning hot water, through the control system to control the temperature, heat water after reaching a certain temperature, will return to the configuration of cooling machine. Cooling machine, then leave them to cool the hot water, and then back into the box, the cold UV technology, the best effect, much better than air cooling effect of UV technology, if deserve to go up cold UV light, effect is quite perfect, suitable for mass production of high value-added products, or in the case of lower temperature to demand higher, which is sensitive to heat and easy to deformation of the material such as printing, paper, gold and silver cardboard, dry film, electronic components, etc.

Air - cooled uv light box with pneumatic control can be used as single lamp tube or multi - branch lamp tube. Can be customized according to specific user requirements. With the high requirement of uv curing in various industries, uv water cooling system has been widely installed in various types of uv curing equipment. Be the first choice for uv curing equipment to reduce temperature.

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