Knowledge Of Car Paint Should Not Be Ignored

- Jan 23, 2018-

For cars, car paint in addition to decorative, but also has anti-corrosion, rust, high temperature, stain resistance, impact resistance and other protective properties. Therefore, the paint is not as simple as the furniture paint as a layer, but generally by the phosphate film, electrophoresis layer, the paint, paint and varnish layers and other components. Among them, the phosphating film and the electrophoresis layer belong to the primer, and the paint layer and the varnish layer belong to the top coat.

Metallic paint: also known as metal flashing paint, is a popular car topcoat. In its paint base with fine aluminum particles. After the light reaches the aluminum particles, it is reflected by the aluminum particles through the gas film. So it looks as if the metal is sparkling. Change the shape and size of aluminum particles, you can control the flash of metal flash paint. Outside the metallic paint, there is also a layer of varnish to be protected.

Pearl paint: also known as mica paint, is also a popular car topcoat. Its principle and metallic paint is basically the same. It uses mica instead of aluminum particles. In its paint base coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide coated mica pigments. After the light hits the mica particles, the color of the titanium dioxide and the iron oxide is brought first, followed by complex refraction and interference in the mica particles. At the same time, mica itself also has a special, transparent color. In this way, the reflected light, it has a pearl-like flash. Moreover, the titanium dioxide itself has a yellow color and changes to a light blue color when viewed from a different angle with different colors.

Metallic paint in addition to high hardness, but also the performance of the body level of the United States. The other reason that "metal lacquering" is more and more common is that it incorporates metal powder and metal components, so the hardness of the lacquer is increased and the lacquer is hardened so that it is less likely to be scratched.

There are some plain paint is not metallic paint, white, black, big red, and yellow, these colors can not add silver paint, but after adding the silver powder, the color is not the original color, white will change Pearls white, black will become a carbon black with light, the red will become the so-called burgundy, yellow will turn golden.

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