How To Use Headlamp Renovation Kit?

- Jul 05, 2019-

How to use headlamp renovation kit?

1, View headlights

   Repair range: various types of headlights made of plexiglass, acrylic PP, PC, PE, ABS, etc.

Type of repair: yellow, cracked, unclear, scratched; (must ensure that the headlights are not worn inside the headway, ensure that there are no stains in the headlights and whether the plastic corners are intact, whether the headlights are in good condition) Note: Scratch or yellowing, cracking oxide layer in severe cases need to evaluate the effect of repairing the coating.

A, After the repair of the coating to achieve a satisfactory effect, the general scratch injury did not penetrate more than 50% of the thickness of the surface of the lamp

B. Identification of the severity of yellowing and cracking oxide layer It is necessary to observe that the surface of the paint is dull, rough, and many cracks that touch the surface of the paint. And then it needs to be polished and coated to reduce and restore.

2 (It is easier to add some water to grind when grinding) When grinding, first use 320# sandpaper for rough grinding for 10 minutes, thoroughly remove the old yellow traces and cracks, and then grind them with 400#, 600# sandpaper for 5 minutes. Then use 800# or 1000# sandpaper to finely grind for a while. After grinding, dry the water on the headlights with a dry cloth and check the sandpaper for uniformity. Before atomizing and polishing, it is best to blow the lamp surface with a hot air cylinder. Dry heating works better and drys faster.

3. Before the spraying, first straighten the air pipe to make the pipe mouth upward, because the hot mist will hit the wall of the cold pipe, water droplets will form, and the water droplets will drop on the lamp, which will affect the effect. If the place is transparent, it cannot be covered many times. Like the injection of oil, the thickness is even, fast and slow. It can be dried in ten minutes after spraying, not sticky dust, but can't be scraped, let it solidify after a few hours.


4. The amount of the atomizing agent poured into the atomizing cup is preferably between 80 and 100 ml. To prevent the atomized cup from being dry, the remaining atomizing agent can be poured back into the glass bottle for the next time. The mist ejection time is generally 5 to 6 minutes after heating. When the mist is ejected, it is often invisible. When the time is up, the atomization polishing operation can be performed to prevent waste. The atomization of the two lamps is controlled as much as possible within 2 to 3 minutes. It takes a long time for the multiple sprays to dry and hard and the filaments are prone to appear.

5, The thickness of the headlights is generally between 4 and 5 mm, the depth of the crack layer is usually about 0.1 to 0.4 mm, so it can be finely ground several times.

6, Atomization polishing time selection is better before noon, because there are several hours of hardening time when driving the headlights at night. In the afternoon or evening operation, the time for leaving the lamp is too short, and the hardness of the inside and outside of the lampshade is different. After the lamp is turned on, the degree of contraction and thermal expansion is not the same, and the effect is naturally poor.

How to use headlamp renovation kit?

How to use headlamp renovation kit?

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