Environment-friendly UV-curable Adhesives Technologies Will Gain Greater Development

- Feb 28, 2017-

UV curable adhesive is made of base resins, monomers, photoinitiators main distribution with stabilizer, such as Crosslinking agents and coupling agents and other additives. At the appropriate wavelength of UV light irradiation, photoinitiator speedy free agent or ion, triggering a base resin and monomer polymerization-Crosslinking network structure, the purpose of bonding adhesive materials.

At present study on UV-curing technology has attracted attention, and the rapid development of UV-curable adhesives for all industry attention, has made remarkable achievements in development and application. Breakthrough in UV curing adhesives is also now used in medical hygiene, aeronautical, electronic Assembly, printing, optical instruments, packaging, information, defense industry, glass products and various areas of daily life. Today, in the 21st century, people have enhanced their sense of environmental protection, energy saving, green industrial products will gain greater development of UV curable adhesive technology.

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