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Common Problem In The Process Of Laminating

   The quality of the coated products of waterborne laminating adhesive is the same as the quality of the rubber

       Water-based laminating adhesive effect of the quality of the products in addition to glue itself quality related with paper, membrane in the process of draping experience, equipment, operators and other related factors. In the long-term practice, we summarized the common problems and causes in the process of laminating.

Combined with poor fastness: the membrane surface tension is not enough, should be detected using dyne pen before using joint surface miss in 39 dyne too much ink density full version or special ink joint time put glue quantity is too small to nod after appropriate increase the amount of glue, combined with the pressure is too small, appropriately increased pressure.

2. Warp stripe: the glue is too thick to make the glue itself thick and change the glue. The time of the air travel is long and the glue is thick. Against the new glue tank to make Combined with small pressure appropriately increased pressure on uneven or synthetic rubber roller surface scratch, uneven thickness of glue, the glue roller grinding flat or rubber roller, the film itself curly uneven will result in uneven coating film flattening or replace a new film.

3. Combined with product cross body glue mark stripes: glue roller eccentricity, beating cause cross membrane surface coating, the uneven thickness, roll repair to have problem again after use, winding roller, pressure roller.

4. Combined with product diagonal stripes: retreat solution about membrane tension is inconsistent, inconsistent membrane deformation caused by uneven tension, pressure inconsistency on both ends of the roller, winding tension on both ends, when the rubber roller head size, membrane, as a result of the gluing quantity different friction differences, each guide roll parallel degree not enough lead to membrane membrane diagonal lines.

5. When the coated cardboard by mouth empty, winding tension is too large membrane deformation, roller linear velocity and transfer paper line speed difference is too large cardboard uneven deformation after moisture absorption, shaking machine is too large, the gluing quantity is too little, rubber roller pressure is too small.

6. The paperboard is unhulled along the radial side: the paper board is affected by the edge of the deformed flounces, the amount of glue is too little, the machine is too large, and the roller edge is not cleared in time.

7. Combined with the middle part of product blister: printed materials when in drying oil amount is too little, film or print surface impurities, dandy roll surface glue not clear which causes mucous membrane is empty, print ink thickness uneven, the film thickness during pressure difference, some position amount may be too little and not glued down, pressure is too small laminating adhesive when have not completely ruled out, the air in the membrane surface pollution water-based glue lightening wet enough and lack of glue.

"Snow" : 

8. Combined with product surface membrane quantity is too small lead to combined with white spots, the pressure is too small to print too much powder on the surface of draping appearing songhua.

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