Cationic Type Glass Uv Adhesive

- Jan 06, 2018-

UV7217 is a highly transparent, medium hard acrylic ester

Then the UV (UV) irradiation can be reached to the solid

The effect of the fruit, the Lord should be used for the vitrified of glass.

Type pressure

Chemical type acrylate

The solidification mechanism accumulates energy 800~1000 mj/cm2 (365nm)

Viscosity (CPS / 25 ℃) 250 ~ 350

Curing mechanism UV light source (365nm)

The application describes the bonding of glass, crystal and metal

Its characteristics are:

- transparency

- flexibility

- fast curing

- high resistance to impact

- high water resistance

- high temperature above 120 ℃

- designed specially for glass

This product should not be used in pure oxygen and/or multi - oxygen systems

Selected as a seal for chlorine or other highly oxidized substances.

For safety precautions of this product, check the material safety data sheet


Usage: : :

1. The product is light sensitive, stored and processed in the process of exposure to sunlight,

Uv and artificial light should be kept to a minimum.

2. The product should be in black packaging bottle.

3. For best performance, the surface should be clean and free of grease.

4. The curing speed depends on the intensity of the light source, the distance from the light source, and the curing,

The depth of the bonding clearance and the substrate must be available through the UV light source.

5. The strength of the recommended adhesion site is minimum 40mW/cm2 (in the gel layer)

6. For dry curing, the exposed surface needs more intense uv

Line (100mW/cm2).

7. Temperature sensitive substrate, such as thermoplastic, should be cooled.

8. Too much uncured adhesive can be dried with organic solvents such as acetone


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