Automotive Paint:practical Stage To Fashion Stage

- Jan 24, 2018-

With the progress of society, people's understanding of the car gradually shifted from the "practical stage" to the "fashion stage." In the modern sense, car body maintenance is more important than any system. That is to say, if the car paint does not pay attention to maintenance, The use of value will be greatly reduced.

The first is the need of automotive aesthetics. With the progress and development of automobile technology, a large number of cars will be introduced to the family, more and more friends will have their own luxury cars, not only the pursuit of the smooth lines and beautiful appearance of the car, but also the appearance of decorative requirements are more and more high. In order to protect your car forever in the use of youth, paint maintenance will give you a whole new feeling.

UV 光油-车身03.jpg

UV 光油-车身018.jpg

Second is the need of environmental aesthetics. People have been paying more and more attention to their own living environment, such as pollution, noise and so on. With the progress of the society, many cities in China have embarked on landscaping projects. As an urban mobile advertising, the automobile is undoubtedly an important support for the environment, maintaining a good appearance and creating a beautiful living environment has become a new thinking of urban car owners .

Once again the need for car maintenance. When the automotive paint loss, scratches and damage, because some of these defects have been beyond the scope of the coating damage to the metal substrate, if not in time for the maintenance of the paint, it will make the paint damage, serious Metal corrosion, affecting the life of automotive sheet metal.

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