Allplace Company Warehouse Management Services

- Oct 31, 2017-


Allplace company utilizes a fully automated, Warehouse Management System (WMS) that enables accurate order processing, quality analysis, and customizable features. It integrates well with our inventory management program and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. We are committed to continuous improvement in developing the most efficient process for our customers.


  • Web-based, multi-site WMS platform

  • Bar code scanning

  • Customizable labels

  • SDS and TDS database

  • Manufacturer document retrieval system

  • Quality analysis tools

  • Lot level inventory visibility and audit trail

  • Supports perpetual count process


  • Reduces picking errors

  • Increased productivity and accuracy

  • Lot traceability

  • Expedites shipping, picking, and receiving

  • Improved customer satisfaction

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