Car Headlight Refurbishment And Repair Tools

Car Headlight Refurbishment And Repair Tools

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汽车大灯素材 (13)1. Clean the surface of the lamp with clean towel, and put 2-3 layers of fine paper on the periphery of the headlights to prevent the car paint from being wrong polished.

Sandpaper introduction: 150 #-180 #  severe cracks and scratches are used (generally mild yellow or slightly cracked, do not use)  240# Slightly cracked or yellowish to use (slightly cracked or peeling)  320# slightly yellowing or dealing with the sand paper mark left on 240 # (manual polishing can be directly used by 320# manual grinding)  500 # mainly deals with the sandpaper left by 320 #.  800 # mainly deals with the sand paper mark of 500 #. After polishing, it can be directly used for fumigation repair. If you want to fix it better. You can use 1200 # for a simple grind, but remember, you can use 1500 # or 2000 # to fine polish the headlights, because the polishing is too smooth and the brightness is not high enough. 

2. There are two main methods for the polishing of headlamps. One is the grinding of the machine, and the other way is the manual polishing. In this case, we give you a brief introduction to the manual polishing method. When grinding, must use water, rub water while polishing, change the grinding direction for each set of sandpaper! (for example: 180 sandpaper transverse grinding, after polishing and finishing,  240 # sandpaper will be polished vertically, except on the edge, but the edge must be carefully sanded! And so on, the final sandpaper can be 800 # sandpaper, also can use 1200 # sandpaper, with a paper towel dry the water on the surface of the lamp and the watermark, this time the surface of the headlight is even and smooth, color white, the color is the same, no coarse sand paper printing no interface, this time you can wait for the headlight to be repaired!)


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