Professional Vehicle Digital Batery Analyzer Car Battery Tester

Professional Vehicle Digital Batery Analyzer Car Battery Tester

Vehicle Digital Batery Analyzer The battery tester, also known as battery analyzer, is a professional analytical test device for judging the working ability of the car battery. Package: 1pc/bag 10 pcs/carton box

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         Professional Vehicle Digital Batery Analyzer Car Battery Tester


Product NameDigital Batery Analyzer
Voltage12 v from battery
Test range

100-1700 cca 100-1000 DIN

100-1700 ICE  100-1700 En


Vehicle Digital Batery AnalyzerCar Battery TesterCar Battery TesterCar Battery Tester


How to use Professional Vehicle Digital Batery Analyzer Car Battery Tester?


Step 1.

The power supply of the machine is provided by the battery. When testing, the wire clamp should be clamped on the test battery. Red indicates positive pole and black indicates negative pole. They are respectively clamped to the positive and negative poles of the battery.


Step 2. boot and set

Open ON key, press 1 second, power on self-test, buzzer "Bi" sound, while the backlight is bright, display beating digital code, various test indicators and power warning function pattern.


Step 3.

Press "OK" to enter the CCA value setting

Adjust the up and down keys and the SEL shift key to adjust the number to the correct


Setp 4:

Press “OK” after setting, enter the test for about 10 seconds. After the test is completed, the buzzer will beep and press any key to stop.


Battery tester4


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