Battery Load Tester Tool 100 Amp Load Type 12V Mechanics12 Volt Car Truck

Battery Load Tester Tool 100 Amp Load Type 12V Mechanics12 Volt Car Truck

he battery casing of all vehicles is marked with a CCA value representing the capacity of the battery. That is, the amount of current released by a 12V battery for 30 seconds before the voltage drops to 7.2V at minus 17.8 ° C. The higher the CCA value measured with the tester, the better the performance of the battery.

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Product Details
1. Battery load tester 100 Amp, ideal for car, truck, farm equipment etc.
2. Can be directly tested for power generation of 12V generator.
3. Ideal for cars,RV and farm vehicles.
4. Connected with the battery and the voltmeter shows the voltage value of the battery, which is called the normal voltage of the battery at 12.5v--13v.
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 350g
Size: 30*130*68mm
1X Battery Load Tester



1. The power supply of the machine is provided by the battery. When testing, the wire clamp should be clamped on the test battery. Red indicates positive pole and black indicates negative pole. They are respectively clamped to the positive and negative poles of the battery.

2, boot and set

Power on the key, press 1 second, power on self-test, buzzer "Bi" sound, while the backlight is bright, display beating digital code, various test indicators and power warning function pattern.

Press "OK" to enter the CCA value setting

Adjust the up and down keys and the SEL shift key to adjust the number to the correct

Press “OK” after setting, enter the test for about 10 seconds. After the test is completed, the buzzer will beep and press any key to stop.

3, display test results

(1) Digital display

First row battery voltage value

Second row battery internal resistance

Press "SEL" to enter

The second row detects the CCA value.

(2) Energy display area, the bar shape is from 0-100%, showing the battery energy

Determining suggestions below the strip energy

40% or less, it needs to be replaced (the electrode is damaged or the battery is extremely aging)

40%-60% battery aging, consider replacing

60%-80% judgment available

80%-100% means the battery is good

4. Press the power to turn on the key for 1 second to shut down.

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