500ML Open Headlight Solution Cold Glue Separate Liquid

500ML Open Headlight Solution Cold Glue Separate Liquid

500ML one bottle Easy to open headhouse 1. Simple operation: no impurities, no pigment 2. Fast separation: the latest upgrade product is fast, with high efficiency of 800g 3. No damage to headlamp: this product is non-corrosive to headlamp housing, lamp cover, lamp surface and electroplate. 4. Very practical: easy to fix the headlamp repair

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500ML Open Headlight Solution Cold Glue Separate liquid


This product is non - corrosive to headlamp housing, lamp shade, lamp surface and electroplate.


Do not fill the headlamp gap in advance to avoid putting smoke in the oven!


Put wood or wood in the oven


2. Put the headlights into the oven at 120-150 degrees for 5-10 minutes. The temperature can be low for a longer time.


3. After the high temperature of the headlamp comes out of the box, glue it in a circle with a needle tube, and then the tool (a word batch or cold glue knife) is pried open along the liquid along the edge.


Note: if the temperature is not enough, please wipe clean the cold adhesive before, and then enter the cold adhesive into the second box. Usually it can be done at one time. The workers in our store have not needed to enter the second box.

长效玻璃防雾剂 (15)

Package:500ml one bottle

MOQ: 1 bottle

Shipping: we may send to you by courier company, or ocean shipping company

Sales range: many customers from european market, Asia market and America Market etc give us very nice feedback

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