Shandong Allplace Headlamp Restore Kit

Shandong Allplace Headlamp Restore Kit

shandong allplace headlamp restore kit

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Shandong Allplace headlamp restore kit

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Allplace Headlight Atomization Cup Allplace Headlamp Remover Repair Kits

Christmas is coming~ Shandong Allplace Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd. is offering SPECIAL PROMOTIONPurchase Allplace headlamp restore kit(original), spend 1 dollar only can get Allplace Mini Windshield Repair Kit(worth$5) or a bottle of B6(Antifogging Agent worth$5) for free.

Allplace wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a New year bright with joy and success!

  • Repair Range: plexiglass, acrylic PP, PC, PE, ABS and various types of other materials headlights

  • Repair type: yellow appearance, crack, blurred, scratched;

  • Function: Car headlight lamp repair, renew, restoration.

    Want your headlights bright as new? Here is the user guild for Allplace headlamp repair tools.

    Professional, clear finish to heavily oxidized or cloudy headlights.

Allplace Headlight Atomization Cup Allplace Headlamp Remover Repair Kits


One sets of kit includes:

  • One bottle of repair coating: 800g/bottle or 600ml/bottle

  • One atomizing cup                Power adapter

  • Masking tape                       Six pieces of sanding paper

  • Funnel                                Mask

  • Two plastic lids                    Car power supply

  • Two O-rings                        Green polish board

Total is 12 itmes in one kit


Weight: 3 kgs


Usage video :




Effect of Allplace Headlight Atomization Cup Allplace Headlamp Remover Repair Kits



1: Do not rework, strive for grinding work hard, for a polished success, do not fumigation repair know that no grinding in place! In this case, it will be polished once again fumigation, it is equivalent to refurbish the twoheadlamps.

2: Move evenly during fumigation, do not hurry, Just get the headlamps shining, do not have omissions, mobile uneven leakage but also to return to fumigation again, it is equal to the rework, holding the gas pipe, gas pipe do not shake, near the headlamp surface.

3: Do not fumigate when the wind blows, the wind will blow out the gas.

4: Fumigation, the right hand holding the cup, the left hand holding the exit pipe, the right hand holding the cup a little shake, the raw materials inside the cup can be fully heated, the gas will be more uniform.

5: If the fumigation repair is complete, please power off immediately, after power off, place for two minutes, and then use the funnel to recycle the remaining material!


Familiar fumigation process, the material will be saved, the fumigation process is short, the material will also be saved, its very simple.



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Allplace Headlight Atomization Cup Allplace Headlamp Remover Repair Kits


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