Scratch Resistance Car Headlight Univers Refurbishment And Restoration Car Headlamp

Scratch Resistance Car Headlight Univers Refurbishment And Restoration Car Headlamp

The headlight repair tool can be used for headlamp wear, yellowing, scratching and other problems to repair; spray method, environmental protection and no pollution.

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The product has characteristic of rapid curing speed, energy saving, high production efficiency,  fullness and high hardness,  suitable for mass production.





For Professional Car Headlamp Repair Renew Tools Headlight Restoration Kit, One kit box including:

1)one bottle repair liquid(800g, 500ml)

2)one atomizing cup

3)power adapter

4)sand paper



7)Griding Plate

8)One Aluminium alloy case.


Application of Headlight Lens Steam/UV Car Headlight Coating/Head Light Repair Blue Medicine

1. (It is easier to add some water to grind when grinding) When grinding, first use 320# sandpaper to grind for 10 minutes with the point force, thoroughly remove the old yellow traces and cracks, and then grind each time with 400#, 600# sandpaper for 5 minutes. Then use 800# or 1000# sandpaper to finely grind for a while. After grinding, dry the water on the headlights with a dry cloth. Check the sandpaper marks for uniformity and uniformity. It is best to dry the lamp surface before atomizing and polishing. Heat it for better results and dry faster.

2. Before the spraying, first straighten the air pipe to make the pipe mouth upward, because the hot mist will hit the wall of the cold pipe, water droplets will form, and the water droplets will drip on the lamp, which will affect the effect. If the place is transparent, it cannot be covered many times. Like the injection of oil, the thickness is even, fast and slow. After ten minutes, it can be dried, not sticky, but can not be scraped, let it solidify after a few hours.

3. The amount of atomizing agent poured into the atomizing cup is preferably between 80 and 100 ml. In order to prevent the atomized cup from being dry, the atomizing agent can be recycled after use, for reuse. The mist ejection time is generally 5 to 6 minutes after heating.

When the mist is ejected, it is often invisible. When the time is up, the atomization polishing operation can be performed to prevent waste.

The atomization of the two lamps is controlled as much as possible within 2 to 3 minutes. It takes a long time for the multiple sprays to dry and hard and the filaments are prone to appear.

4. the thickness of the headlights is generally between 4 and 5 mm, the crack layer depth is usually about 0.1 to 0.4 mm, so it can be finely ground several times.

5. atomization polishing time selection is better before noon, because there are several hours of hardening time before the headlights are turned on at night. In the afternoon or evening operation, the time for leaving the lamp is too short, and the hardness of the lampshade is different. When the lamp is turned on, the degree of contraction and thermal expansion is not the same, and the effect is naturally poor.







Car lamp, headlight renovation/repair and renew.

2)Spare parts:lids, atomizing cup, nozzle, AC-DC adapter can be buy seperately




1) chemical liquid:One bottle is about 800g, 24bottles   one carton

 2)Headlight restor kit: one set one paper box, 10 paper boxes one carton

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Brief introduction: trade company

2.R&D center

3.located in the spring city-Jinan Shandong

4,a supplier of all kinds of UV curing materials





We manufacture all kinds of industrial adhesive and accessory accelerator, please feel free to contact us once there is any need or question.


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