Other Vehicle Front Light Cleaning And Polish Tool

Other Vehicle Front Light Cleaning And Polish Tool

do you want to restore your car headlight? Allplace headlightrestoration tool kit can help you. First step, polish the headlight surface with sand paper, second step, heat the repairing liquid to fog, last step, spray the fog on the surface of the headlight. that is ok. you will see the amazing effect.

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1. Clean the surface of the lamp with clean towel, and put 2-3 layers of fine paper on the periphery of the headlamps to prevent the car paint from being wrong polished.

Sandpaper introduction: 150 #-180 # severe cracks and scratches are used (generally mild yellow or slightly cracked, do not use) 240# Slightly cracked or yellowish to use (slightly cracked or peeling) 320# slightly yellowing or dealing with the sand paper mark left on 240 # (manual polishing can be directly used by 320# manual grinding) 500 # mainly deals with the sandpaper left by 320 #. 800 # mainly deals with the sand paper mark of 500 #. After polishing, it can be directly used for fumigation repair. If you want to fix it better. You can use 1200 # for a simple grind, but remember, you can use 1500 # or 2000 # to fine polish the headlamps, because the polishing is too smooth and the brightness is not high enough.

2. There are two main methods for the polishing of headlamps. One is the grinding of the machine, and the other way is the manual polishing. In this case, we give you a brief introduction to the manual polishing method. When grinding, must use water, rub water while polishing, change the grinding direction for each set of sandpaper! (for example: 180 sandpaper transverse grinding, after polishing and finishing, 240 # sandpaper will be polished vertically, except on the edge, but the edge must be carefully sanded! And so on, the final sandpaper can be 800 # sandpaper, also can use 1200 # sandpaper, with a paper towel dry the water on the surface of the lamp and the watermark, this time the surface of the headlamp is even and smooth, color white, the color is the same, no coarse sand paper printing no interface, this time you can wait for the headlamp to be repaired!)

Now, let's talk about the methods and precautions for the grinding of machines:

The procedure of machine polishing is the same as manual polishing , it can be polished with 180# first when the crack is serious ,In the case of yellowish and peeling,it can be directly use 240 # for polishing, after that you can use 320 #, and then use 500 # and 800 # sandpaper, bear in mind that 800 # must use manual polishing, after used 800 # sandpaper it can be repairde,the same effect can be achieved with 1200 # sandpaper, remember that do not use # 1500 or # 2000# polishing again.When using grinding machine polish the headlamps, pouring water and polishing must be done at the same time. remember, press hard against the grinding machine to make sure the machine does not operate too quickly, the edge of the headlamp to camber grinding machine, special attention must be paid when the worker polishing the headlamp corner on the top of the car, must camber grinding machine, with the edge of the Angle of the grinding machine to grind the headlamp Angle!

Pay attention not to wear car paint, when polishing the headlamp with a grinding machine each piece of sandpaper must be evenly polished without omission. the function of the 320 # sandpaper is to polish the mark that 240 # sandpaper left, if 320 # sandpaper cant get rid of the mark , it is even harder for 500 #sandpaper, so every sand paper can't miss, and so on. The keypoint of the headlamp repair is sanding!! If the result is not good, the problem is that the lack of polishment.

After polishing, use toilet paper to clean up the moisture of the headlamp, must wipe clean without watermark, Y'd better work in an environment without wind, in case the material is blown away by the wind.

Firstly, pour into 80-100 mL headlamp repair liquid, it can be recycled, but must ensure adequate dosage, in case the gas uneven and atomization dry glass, imported raw materials, switching on the equipment to heat material, about three minutes, a gas will come out from the gas pipeline, pay attention to the outlet, the outlet is one centimeter from the lamb, start from edge of the light, the area where the outlet is exposed will become transparent and smooth, keep uniform speed, please remember: if bright, do not need to repeatedly fumigation, if there is a bit deep scratches, handle it a little slower, scratches will be smoked away by material!

After the repair is complete, please power off immediately, wait for two minutes, open the lid and recycle the remaining ingredients in the cup.

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