High Quality Headlamp Repair Fluid Headlight Restoration Tool

High Quality Headlamp Repair Fluid Headlight Restoration Tool

Make the lights look new, whether it is yellow, cracked, blurred or scratched. Headlight repair tools are the perfect solution to these problems.

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High quality Headlamp repair fluid headlight restoration tool


1. View the headlights

Mainly repairs yellowing, cracking, ambiguity, scratch lamp type

Scratches, yellowing or cracking oxides are critical to assess the effect of repairing the coating

2. Polishing

Adding water will make sanding easier. First grind it with 320# sandpaper, then continue grinding with 400# and 600# sandpaper, then finely grind it with 800# or 1000# sandpaper. Dry the surface with a cloth after grinding. Check that the grinding is even. It is recommended to blow the surface of the lamp with a hot air cylinder before atomizing.

3. Perform atomization

Before the atomization, the air tube is straightened, the nozzle is facing upwards, and if the sprayed area of the atomization cup has turned transparent, it is not necessary to atomize again. Uniform thickness, fast and slow coordination. Wait a few hours for natural curing after spraying.

4. Pour the solution

The amount of pour each time is controlled between 80-100ml to prevent the atomized cup from dry burning. After use, put the remaining coating liquid into the paper cup and pour it into the glass bottle. It can be used next time. The mist ejection time is generally 5-6 minutes after heating. The atomization time of the two lamps is controlled to be optimal in 2-3 minutes.

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