High Performance Anti-Fog Coating & Film

High Performance Anti-Fog Coating & Film

Hydrophobic anti-fog Easy to operate Lasting clarity Environmentally friendly Delay aging Keep clean

Product Details

High Performance Anti-Fog Coating & Film


1. Clean and dry the glass

2. Spray a small amount evenly on the glass surface

3. Evenly wipe the glass surface



Product parameters

product brand


Bottom diameter


Bottle diameter


Full bottle height


net weight


Shelf life

2 years

Point 1                                                                                  

Clear vision                                                                           

Nano-polymer hydrophilic coating, excellent anti-fog effect ensures clear window vision and safe driving


Point 2

Lasting effect

A new generation of nano-organic active ingredients, coated once, aging up to 60 days anti-fog


Point 3                                                                                  

easy and convenient     

A spray and a wipe can form a transparent anti-fog layer, which can be used for glass and transparent surface.


Ponit 4                                                     

Safety and environmental protection

Environmentally friendly standard, non-toxic and tasteless, does not contain any harmful irritating gases

Allplace Car Glass Anti-fog Agent 120ml Long-term Antifoggant Glass

Product principle


The glass has water repellency and the water                             After application, the anti-fog coating agent adheres    droplets cannot be fully extended.                                              tightly to the glass surface


The glass surface of the anti-fog coating agent                               The nano-polymer of the anti-fog coating agent has superior         has a certain water repellency, resulting in poor                               hydrophilicity and adhesion. It can form a layer of 

ductility. When the surface of the glass encounters                          super-hydrophilic nano-film on the surface of the glass, so that

water vapor, a large number of spherical tiny water                          the mist can contact  it and form a mixture of low-ice points to

droplets are formed. The light is scattered and reflected                  enhance the light and transmittance.

to block the light transmittance, which causes the line                                       

of sight to be blurred.

Allplace Car Glass Anti-fog Agent 120ml Long-term Antifoggant Glass Allplace Car Glass Anti-fog Agent 120ml Long-term Antifoggant Glass



Anti-fog coating agent blends with water droplets to               Form an ultra-thin water film to eliminate clearer water 

reduce surface tension of water droplets                                   droplet refraction


When the temperature drops, the water molecules in the air         The anti-fog coating agent flattens the mist beads on the glass

encounter the glass condensing into water droplets. The               by reducing the surface tension of the water droplets. A

hydrophilic active ingredient can quickly reduce the curvature       transparent ultra-thin water film is formed. Effectively reduce the

of the water droplets and reduce the surface tension to fully          efraction of water droplets, completely eliminate the fog of glass, 

extend it to achieve an anti-fog effect.                                             keep a clear view at all times, and safe driving.

Allplace Car Glass Anti-fog Agent 120ml Long-term Antifoggant Glass  Allplace Car Glass Anti-fog Agent 120ml Long-term Antifoggant Glass




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