Headlight Restoration Kit Car Headlamp Remover Car Light Cleaner

Headlight Restoration Kit Car Headlamp Remover Car Light Cleaner

Featues: Suitable for any headlights’ problems, such as, yellowing, scratches, oxidation, blurring and other headlight problems. Recovery by a spray, and the headlights are as bright as new. Adopt UV nano-repair technology, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Free of heavy metals, combined...

Product Details


  1. Suitable for any headlights’ problems, such as, yellowing, scratches, oxidation, blurring and other headlight problems. Recovery by a spray, and the headlights are as bright as new. 

  2. Adopt UV nano-repair technology, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

  3. Free of heavy metals, combined with EU quality standards.

  4. Quick dry in 5 minutes.  forming a high density. 

  5. Long life, after the headlights are repaired, the service life of the headlights can be extended for more than 3 years. 

  6. Scratch-resistant nano-transparent layer features strong hardness and high temperature resistance. High-density transparent layer on the surface can withstand 120 degrees high temperature, insoluble and not falling off. 

Repair suggestion:

  1. check the headlight

  2. Grinding with  sanding paper

  3. smoke with coating solution

Professional Headlight Steamer Headlamp Repair Tool Headlight Restoration Kit
application typespray
curing typeheating
heating time1-2 minutes
Application suggestion

A. Grinding with sander paper

B.clean with water

C Dry

E. Spray the medicine

 Repair type

slight scrtchm yellow headlamp foggy  headlamp wearing


 operation easy

 economic cost

 magical effect

Headlight restoration kit

nancy yu


e-mail: allplace008@allplace.cn

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