Car Windscreen Crack Repair Tools

Car Windscreen Crack Repair Tools

Tops tool box,Vacuum pump,Special drill,repairing resin 10ml*2,Crack polishing agent,Professional curing light,Cleaning hammer,Electric drill power cord,Curing lamp power cord ,Sealing plug,Curing film,grease,blade,syringe,Observation mirror

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Shandong Allplace Car Windscreen crack repair tools

car window glass repair kit

How to use?

car window glass repair kit

1.check the GLASS

2.clean up the debris:Clean the glass fragments with a cleaning hammer in the tool kit

3.using lubricant:Apply a small amount of lubricant to the suction cup

4.install the suction cup:Adhere the bracket to the glass surface to align the center hole of the bracket with the glass impact point

5.injecting repair resin:Inject the resin repair solution into the nozzle, and the syringe needle should pass through the injection hole to the glass.

6.vacuum operation:Pull up the repair rod, pull up and pull the rod to rotate 90 degrees, the rod is automatically fixed, vacuum is 2-3 minutes, no air bubbles are subject to

7.observe the bubble through the observation mirror:As the vacuum is applied, the bubbles in the cracks continue to decrease until they disappear

8.pressurizing operation:After deflation, push the lever to the end and tighten the lever lock nut

9.observe crack changes:Pressurize for 2-3 minutes, wait for the crack to disappear

10:The curing lamp is in close contact with the film to ensure that the repair fluid absorbs sufficient light

11:scraping residual resin:Remove the cured film, keep the blade perpendicular to the glass, scrape off the residual repair resin, then it is ok

car window glass repair kit


1.The car windshield should not be polished

2. The crack exaggerator is sucked in the car at the back of the crack. The plastic screw is placed on the crack to enlarge the tear crack and the glue quickly enters into the crack. The dilator is a product many years ago. At that time, there was very little car film. A slight inadvertent use of the dilator will increase the length of the crack and occasionally damage the solar film on the glass inside the car.

3.If the breaking point is in the black area such as pitting or rubbering or there is stretched pattern and the main line of sight is too large, the main body of the damage is more than 20mm. Try not to repair it.

4.Need to be in a dry, cool place, where there is no direct sunlight.

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The benefits of glass repair:

1.Most car owners have a strong loyalty to the original product, and most owners will choose to fix it if possible and not very serious

2. Replace the windshield with a new windshield glass ,that cost too much,

3.The replacement of glass requires a series of processes such as disassembly, scraping, positioning, and injection molding, even if the new glass installed by a good technician cannot be compared with the original glass when the car is shipped. Including several aspects: consistency, firmness, sealing and sound insulation

4.Now many car owners are filming the front windshield. If the glass is to be replaced, even if the insurance company provides insurance compensation, the cost of the film will also be borne by the owner.

5.Glass repair cracks are usually completed in 30-60 minutes. If you want to replace the front windshield, at least 6 hours or one day.

6.In addition, there are some non-standard repair shops, such as shoddy and other deceptive customers. If the owner is replaced with unqualified products, the deceleration function and anti-fatigue function of the glass will be greatly reduced.

7.If the damaged glass is left unchecked and allowed to develop, the glass will be damaged or cracked due to the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the exercise of the wind pressure and the bump and the temperature difference, which will affect the vision and appearance when driving.

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